Daily Lunch set

Daily Lunch Set $98
~ 日替わりランチ定食 ~

*All photos only for reference
Dec 6th Monday
Grilled Atka Mackerel 焼深水花魚
Dec 7th Tuesday
Assorted Tempura Cooked with Eggs 滑蛋煮天婦羅
Dec 8th Wednesday
Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce 南蠻炸雞配他他汁
Dec 9th Thursday
Udon Noodle with Mushroom & Raw Tuna Green Onion Rice Bowl 野菌烏冬配香蔥吞拿魚腩飯
Dec 10th Friday
Stir-fried Sprout and Leek with Beef 香葱芽菜炒牛肉
*Set includes Salad and ice cream.
*Available for lunch, Mon~Fri (Exc. Sat,Sun&PH)